Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Web hosting companies in Nigeria has improved tremendously. It’s true they can never be compared with the foreign web hosting companies but that does not mean that they aren’t good or better in some ways or aspect.

Foreign host make you go through a whole lot of stress in terms of communication and mode of payment. Hosting companies like HostGator, Godaddy and BlueHost.

The mode of payment is kind of tough because it’s a master card you will have to use and sometimes you might not even get verified due to too much security checks about the card which you might find it hard to provide; sometimes your bank might even decline the transaction because of frauds then you will have to move to another foreign hosting company.

While web hosting companies in Nigeria will verify your card instantly when using your credit card or ATM or better still, you can make a bank deposit to any of their specified bank.

NOTE: Exchange rate increases from time to time but the Nigerian currency and value of payment stay the same. So also web hosting companies in Nigeria offers which are cheaper and made for Nigerians alone.

In this review, we are going to grade the web hosting Companies in Nigeria in terms of the following:

  • Reliability and Up Time
  • Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Speed
  • Price
  • Numbers of Registered domain
  • Customer Support
  1. Reliability and up time: This is an important factor you most consider if you are looking for web hosting companies in Nigeria. Am sure you wouldn’t want your clients or customers to visit your site and see it’s down. So reliability and up time is necessary.
  1. Disk Space and Bandwidth: In fact, this is the number one factor you most consider when going for a web hosting company. Not unless you are going for small website content, you need to consider this factor.
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  1. Speed: A lot of people ignore speed which is vital to your visitors. No Nigerian man or woman wants to visit a site that is slow and also see lots of server time out. If they experience such, then they tend to hit the back button which is bad for your site and will increase your bounce rate; there by notifying Google that there is no meaningful content in your site that’s why the visitors hit the back button.
  1. Price: Now in Nigeria everybody is worried about price. When the prices of a product or services are high, clients tend to go for other relatively cheap services.

NOTE that low price doesn’t mean low value or quality.

  1. Numbers of Registered Domain: Knowing the market value and market share is also necessary in a way that the more people you hear and see going to a particular services, then you should know that the services is are good and worth the purchase.
  1. Customer Support: When you purchase such services from a company, you are not just purchasing the services but creating a business relationship with them, so you need to have a nice and steady method of communication 24/7.

Not just the relationship, such services like hosting is a very sensitive thing when you run into a problem or encounter any downtime. There should be a team of customer support ready to attend to you 24/7. It’s so unfortunate that web hosting companies in Nigeria are left behind.

Here are list of web hosting companies in Nigeria

  1. WhogoHost –
  2. GlobalHosting247 –
  3. Qservers –
  4. Registeram –
  5. Syskay –
  6. HiHostNow –
  7. BytesHosting –
  8. Mcreal –
  9. VbhostNet –
  10. SmartWebNG –
  11. WebLagos –
  12. Web4Africa –
  13. Utiware –
  14. Hostsleek –
  15. Philmorehost –
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We are going to select the top 4 web hosting companies in Nigeria and have a little review on them.

Web hosting companies in Nigeria

Syskay Systems: This is a web hosting company in Nigeria that i love. When skykay started, they had a vision that till today they have stood by it. A vision to further expand the scope of web services in Nigeria. They started with a commitment of providing effective web hosting services to individuals as well as small and midium companies.

Syskay Systems specializes in providing affordable prices, high performance Personal and business web site hosting, e-commerce hosting & internet portals. They provide Linux servers and custom web hosting software and services to individuals & businesses

Syskay system offers from 5GB to 50GB storage that’s depending on the package you are in of course. Syskay offers a whole bunch of cheap and affordable web hosting plans with the least plan (Standard Plan) starting out at N6000. This plan gets you a 5GB disk space, 20GB bandwidth and a free domain name registration.

Its monthly traffic limit ranges from 20 GB to 200 GB traffic depending on your plan with price ranging from N6,000 to N50,000 yearly. Payment can be made using your naira card. There were no downtime with them and their customer service support is fantastic.

Web hosting companies in Nigeria

Web4Africa: Web4Africa is a web hosting company in Nigeria that you need to consider if you want to place your website on the internet.

Web4Africa also offers Linux and Windows for hosting. Web4Africa offers monthly subscription packages ranging from 3,000 to 30,000 Naira per year. Their cheapest plan is 5GB disk space and 50GB bandwidth while the highest plan goes for unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

They also offer free domain name upon web hosting purchase, their server is quite fast and reliable and they have 24/7 full support.

Web hosting companies in Nigeria

SmartWebNG: Among other web hosting companies in Nigeria, this is a web hosting company that has been rapidly growing and has been in existence since 2004 in Plateau State, Nigeria; They have been a leading ever since till date, this company provide excellent service to clients in the country and out of the country.

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Smartweb are there to serve their customers on support and it price range and value. Hosting starts from ₦2,500 annually, with free domain, 5gb storage and 20gb bandwidth.

Web hosting companies in Nigeria

VbHostNet: This is a leading hosting company with affordable web hosting solutions in Nigeria. The full name of this company is View Bound Hosting Network. VbHostNet is also a fast growing Hosting company in Nigeria and based in Benin City, Edo since 2010,

They have provided affordable Web Hosting, domain Registration, Reseller and Master reseller Hosting. They are built to meet the demands of the global internet community and individual. Their Hosting starts from ₦3,000 annually, with Free Domain, 5GB storage and 10GB Bandwidth. Their customer services are a bit good.

Bonus: This is a bonus web hosting company in Nigeria that is also good “WhogoHost”

Web hosting companies in Nigeria

Now that you have seen the list of Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria and the best top 4 web hosting companies in Nigeria, it’s time to conclude on the Best web Hosting Companies in Nigeria.

Note that the 4 web hosting companies in Nigeria that were listed and talked about are the best among all other web hosting companies in Nigeria.

In conclusion, the best web hosting companies in Nigeria are SKYKAY SYSTEM, VBHOSTNET, SMARTWEBNG, WHOGOHOST and WEB4AFRICA. Then the Number one best of all is SKYKAY SYSTEM which is the best Hosting Company in Nigeria.



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