Top 10 WordPress Most Have Plugins for every Successful Blog

WordPress Most have plugins

In this blog post, you will find out the important and necessary WordPress most have Plugins in a blog or site. This plugins are listed based on site optimization; starting from the beginning to the end of your site.

In every site or blog created, it is of great importance to the owner to keep the site fully optimized and am sure he or she wants to get the best out of it. Am sure you would want to customize your blog or website to the best you can.

Plugins are very essential to a blog or website in the sense that everything you need to get your site or blog optimized falls under the necessary WordPress plugins you have installed in your site or blog.

There are different types of wordpress plugins for blogging which will help you optimize your site or blog, drive traffic to your site or blog, help you get visible in search engines and even be of beneficial to you.

Plugins improve user experience, security, make backing making up of your content easy and improving conversions. So also there are plugins that can crash your site or blog just by installing them; so you have to be careful of the kind and types of plugins you install to your site or blog.

Before we go into the top 10 wordpress most have plugins, let us know the meaning of a plugin.

What is a plugin?

A plugin can be defined as a mini program written by one person or a group of persons. They are meant for or plugged in to a website. The moment a pugin is installed, that plugin automatically becomes part of the website and it will play it own role as described by the creator accordingly.

Most of this wordpress most have plugins are free and also there are premium (paid for). The free plugins works well and fine but some can be limited if you don’t upgrade to the premium version, that’s the paid version,

Like I said earlier above, I am going to give you a list of wordpress most have plugins and their alternatives so as the services they offer or render to your blog or site; Starting from the beginning to the end of your blog or site.

Below are the top 10 Best WordPress most have plugins for Blogs and site owners

Search Engine Optimization To Your Blog (SEO):

WordPress most have plugins

  1. Yoast SEO: This is among the first and important wordpress most have plugins you need to install in your blog. Yoast SEO allows you to configure meta tag information for posts, pages, and social media services.

It also allows you to create XML sitemaps and it has content analysis which is very vital. This WordPress SEO plugin is made by Yoast and has many other tools such as breadcrumbs, RSS editing, and bulk title and description editors, The plugin guides you in creating your posts in other to make good choice in words and with the help of focus keywords that will help you get found by Google; so also increase your ranking on search engines.

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Alternate plugin: All in One SEO: This is yet another rival for Yoast SEO.

Read more on the Difference between All in one SEO and Yoast SEO

Stats Monitoring to Your Blog

WordPress most have plugins

  1. Google Analytics: Allows you to track a lot of additional information on Google Analytics Displays. Google Analytics shows and reports in your WordPress Dashboard with all the views and stats on the visitors that visited in a day, you can also inserts the latest Google Analytics tracking code in your pages.

Alternate Plugin: Clicky by Yoast

Stop Spam Comments on Your Blog

WordPress most have plugins

  1. Akismet This is also among the top wordpress most have plugins that comes along you’re your wordpress. This is an important plugin you most have for your blog to avoid and stop spam comment. This is the best guard against comment spam for WordPress blog.

Akismet is one of the most popular and effective ways that you can use to fight spam. It is different from other spam plugins because it is a web based service that checks comments against their own system. This is why it is so effective; you can review any of the comments that are suspected as spam. This is a free plugin for none commercial use but not everyone knows it’s free but for business plan start at $9/month.

Read more on how to get your Akismet API key For Free

Alternate Plugin: Anti-Spam: This is a plugin that stop regular spam comments. And it does this without using any captcha or asking questions or annoying your readers who only want to drop or leave a comment.

Speeding Up Your Blog

WordPress most have plugins

  1. W3 Total Cache: This plugin increases the load time of your site and page. This is one of the top wordpress most have plugins for performance optimization. This plugin needs to be configured properly before it can perform well. Most blog or site have a lot of heavy image and cached file that will slow down your site, so to avoid that you need W3 Total Cache.

This plugin assists in improving your experience as a user and also the ranking of your blog on Google. It also help reduce bounce rate of visitors due to slowness in your blog. The speed in your site plays an important role in search engine rankings; have that in mind. W3 Total Cache might be a bit complex but easy to use, you can get tutorial on how to set it effectively at wpbeginner

Alternate Plugin: WP Super Cache is a plugin that is also a wonderful option.

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Security to your blog

WordPress most have plugins

  1. Wordfence: The security of your site is very important and should be taken seriously. This is a wordpress security plugin that offers enterprise protection to your site. This feature prevents anyone who tries to force his or her way into your blog.

It has so many awesome features that come along with it. Features like: Multi-site compatibily, dual factor authentication, Built in caching, Blocks malicious networks, Scans for file changes, Malware scanning, Blocks known attackers in real time, Disk space monitoring, IP blocking; Isn’t that awesome.

Alternate Plugins: Bulletproof Security, Ithemes Security and Sucuri Security all this security plugins are perfect.

Backup to your blog

WordPress most have plugins

  1. Backupbuddy: The content of your blog is important to you and am sure you don’t want to throw away any of your hard work by mistake because you made a mistake of not backing up your site. But not to worry Back up buddy got you covered and your mind will be at rest.

Backupbuddy is reliable and comes with lots of cool features. It also has a 1GB free storage after which you will have to upgrade to the pro version. This plugin was developed by ithemes, it is a premium backup plugin that allows you to back up your file to Amazon, Dropbox, Rackspace, FTP, and more. Backups and restores are straight forward and easy.

Alternate Plugins: VaultPress ($5) which is far cheaper that backupbuddy, there is also backwpup

Social sharing

WordPress most have plugins

  1. Share By SumoMe: You want your article to reach so many people or do you want to increase the traffic from your social media, then this is also one of the wordpress most have plugins you just have to install to enable you archive the above mentioned.

It is a necessity for every blog or website owner, with Share by SumoMe, you can easily add social sharing buttons to various locations on your posts including a floating social bar. It is mobile responsive, display social share counts and automatically optimizes which social network refer the most traffic and lots more.

Alternate Plugin: Social warfare ($24 yearly), Share this and also floating share bar. This entire social sharing buttons are also awesome and fantastic. You can ignore the social warfare plugin if the price is the issue and go for share this or floating share bar. Another alternative I find cool and better off is shareaholic plugin that is their share buttons. It comes with both share button and floating button all together. But if you most use this plugin, you have to deactivate the ads in it to avoid Google Adsense problem.

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Grow your email

WordPress most have plugins

  1. Optinmonster: This is a cool premium plugin which most people use to grow and market their email. This plugins show’s email subscription pop up and is highly configurable, even without any skills, you can quickly configure and design an effective pop up for my blog.
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Optinmonster is so sweet in the sense that once your visitor arrive to your site, it allow the visitor to settle down for like 20 seconds, then a pop up appears for the visitor to subscribe for more interesting post like the one he or she is reading. Another feature that I love about this plugin is that it wait until you are about to exit or hit the back button then it appears again for you to subscribe for more articles by mail.

Alternate Plugins: SunoMe (free and premium), Thrive leads also premium

WordPress most have plugins

  1. Google XML Sitemap: Either All in One SEO or Yoast SEO can create XML Sitemap for you. But I recommend you to install the Google XML Sitemap, because it is better for more indexing.

This plugin usually allows you to choose which parts of your blog or website are included in your XML sitemap. You can also specify timing for frequent Indexing and priorities. It also allows you to add additional pages that weren’t created using WordPress.

Alternate Plugin: Known, yes known because this particular plugin is the best. There are plugins that comes with an XML Site map but I really suggest you should deactivate them and install Google XML Sitemap.

WordPress most have plugins

  1. BuddyPress: Do you want to give your site a feeling and swag, more like a professional look then this is also among the wordpress most have plugins you need to install in your site. It allows you to upload your picture in the user area that is the admin display picture instead of the gravatar image that you see, not just you but to all you users in the site; in other words, all your users can upload their profile pictures.

These are the top 10 wordpress most have plugins for blogging that you can install to make your site grow, stay optimized and also rank well with search engines. Mind you that too much plugins can slow down your site. Also note that you cannot have two plugins at the same time that does the same work, you just have to choose one to avoid errors. Have it in mind that this 10 wordpress most have plugins can’t crash your site in anyway.

Is there any plugin that am missing, I really would love to hear from you. Please kindly drop your comment, suggestion and or questions via the comment box below.



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