Seven Life Egyptian Thoughts You Need to Know And Have

Seven Life Egyptian thoughts you need to know and have

Egyptian thoughts are culture that is rear in the world. Every culture on earth has a particular code of conduct. A silent agreement, that agreed upon between the inhabitants of the land. In my teenage years, I was the “wild” one; I tended to say whatever I want and act upon my whims.

My friends and family always tell me that I ignore the “customs.” Most of my teenage years I was at odds with the so-called traditions. Later, I realized what the traditions that everyone is talking about. It is actually what is acceptable and what is not in social settings.

What can I say? I was young and wild. I learned the lessons, the hard way. If you are traveling to Egypt or want to know how Egyptians think. This short guide will reveal to you a set of valuable tools that you can use to navigate the Egyptian landscape.

You might even find it useful in your context. Wherever you are in the world, bring out your inner Egyptians. Egyptian thoughts.

Egyptian thoughts

Let’s take a walk inside the Egyptian thoughts and mind:

Step #1

Be Like a Grave:

Graves are dark, silent, and off the grid. By being like a grave, I don’t mean to act dead in danger. I mean to be secretive like a grave. Graves are the darkest and most secretive places. Egyptians are secretive people. They tend to cluster in groups, and no outsider can “just be friends.” From business to house life, “be like a grave, keep your secrets away.” (Egyptian thoughts… Think Like an Egyptian)

Step #2

Respect the Elders

Egyptians tend to mock anyone with less status. They also tend to respect the elders; they’re tribal that way. To get respect, respect those who deserve respect. So others with less status will tend to respect you. I don’t know why it works, but it does. Egyptians commence respect so you just have to think like an Egyptian and have Egyptian thoughts in you.


Step #3

Know Your Friends

Egyptians are the funniest people on earth. But, they rather cry with real friends, than laugh with fake friends. The explanation; please. Your enemies are not those who attack you in public. Your enemies are those who praise you and shower you with gifts. Shrewd enemies play on your ego. Once you think you’re a genius, they strike, giving you something to think about, wicked.

Your friend is not the one who smiles in your face. Your friend is the one who becomes sad for you and cry with you when you are. Dramatic? Maybe, but that’s how Egyptians think so have Egyptian thoughts in you.

Step #3

Protect Your Woman with Your Life

Egyptian thoughts

This is the part you would really respect the Egyptians and would love to think like an Egyptians. Not just in Egypt, but in all Arabic Muslims countries, you will find this tradition. Middle Eastern men, who are becoming a rare breed, are protective of their women. Many Egyptian men will die before they see harm comes to their beloved ones.

This principle extends to one’s belongings, material wealth, or any other possession. So it’s considered an honor to die in defense of your woman, homeland, or personal belongings. This is a typical Egyptian thoughts.

Step #4

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Accept Your Fate

Egyptian thoughts

Egyptians are firm believers in determinism. They believe that Allah’s Will is everything. Everything happens because Allah wants it to happen.

So Egyptians are accepting of their fate, and this is an Islamic trait. Unlike Western cultures, where you challenge everything and believe in yourself. Less concerned about Providence, Egyptians will sometimes accept failure because it is Allah’s Will.

I mean it is not a bad thing, but how do you know it is Allah’s Will if you don’t do your part and work as hard as you can? Egyptian thoughts… Think like an Egyptian!

Step #5

Accept Your Fate, Again

Apparently, someone heard my question. The next tradition is flexibility. The smart plant obeys the winds, and the high plant gets broken.

Much like sailing in the sea, you want to adjust to the winds and not working against them. Egyptians believe when Providence overwhelm you. Accept it then work around it than give up. Resilient.

Step #6

Keep Your Mouth Shut, Sort of.

Egyptian thoughts

Egyptians are not fond of talking with strangers, and they don’t like being talkative. Words, they believe, are the source of all problems. Rightly so, the loudspeaker has less truth to say. The more one speaks, the more likely he or she will say things they will regret.

Egyptian thoughts saying, the fish with the closed mouth is rarely hunted. So talk less like an Egyptian and think like an Egyptian and have the Egyptian thoughts in you. This is more likely to work for you even when you are not Egyptian or dealing with an Egyptian. So not just to Egyptians, keeping your mouth shut is good.

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Step #7


Last but not least, when in doubt, improvise. Having Egyptian thoughts makes you inventive. Well Egyptians are inventive, and they come up with new solutions for any problem that might arise. More often than not, the solution is not practical, but it fit the situation.

You will not find any Egyptian that doesn’t know everything. An Egyptian person doesn’t know how to say “I don’t know.”

It makes him sound ignorant, and he doesn’t like to look ignorant so that he will tell you anything to make you shut. He has answers to everything. (Egyptian thoughts)

In Summary…

If we are to believe conventional wisdom and traditional knowledge. You just learned the most important Egyptian lessons and Egyptian thoughts to date. Understanding these traditions will make you navigate the Egyptian culture with ease and confidence.

I don’t know how and why people think I broke those rules in the past. Although, I knew few of them instinctively. I guess some Egyptians just think the “customs” are in truth what they prefer me to say or do. What can I say? I’m a rebel with a cause; so think like an Egyptian and have the Egyptian thoughts in you.

This are top seven #7 Egyptian thoughts you just need to have and adopt when you find yourself with and Egyptian or you find yourself in their country.




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  • Beauty

    (March 1, 2017 - 5:25 pm)

    Are you an Egyptian that you know alot about them

  • FREE

    (March 1, 2017 - 5:55 pm)

    HAVE you been to Egypt before

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  • Babangida

    (March 4, 2017 - 11:31 am)

    Egyptians are exactly what you said they are.
    i believe all that you said most especially the one of protecting your woman with your life and that of keeping your mouth shut.
    egyptians dont talk much that i know.

    Nice post about egyptians

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