Markangel Biography: Complete Life History

Markangel Biography: Complete Life History

Do you love MarkAngel Comedy Skit, are you are fan; then you definitely need to read and know about MarkAngel Biography and his complete life history.

Markangel Biography

Comedy is no science but an art of entertainment comprising of jokes and or satirical sketches intended to make the public, audience or fans laugh in which can be achieved in the form of television, theatre, film and or a stand-up comedy skit; and MarkAngel Comedy has proven to the country and beyond that they have what it takes to make you laugh out loud.

Without a doubt MarkAngel biography and MarkAngel’s Comedy Skits has taken comedy into the next level, not just to the next level but Mark Angel Comedy has found their way to the top of the comedy skit chain in Nigeria. So far so good, MarkAngel Comedy is the number one talked about skits in Nigeria which make them the best.

MarkAngel Biography and Emmanuella’s will amuse and surprise you in the sense that the way it all began, they never expected such a blow out in such a short time.

In this blog post, MarkAngel Biography, Emmanuella’s and also Denilson Igwe will be given in details and the details are 100% Genuine.

Markangel Biography

MarkAngel Biography, Emmanuella’s with Denilson Igwe

MarkAngel Biography

Markangel biography started with his name. Mark Angel’s real name is Mark Angel and he is the founder of “MarkAngel Comedy” and also the founder of Mechanic Pictures. He is from Port Harcourt, Rivers state in which he grew up in. He came from a family of three including him and also Markangel is single.

Mark Angel never attended any University though he gained admission into Obafemi Awolowo University in 2008 to study Medicine but couldn’t go due to financial issues. His late uncle who was suppose to train and sponsor him through University died the same period he gain the admission.

In 2011, he proceeded to Lagos, stayed with a friend and started photography for a while and then traveled to India were he learned cinematography, he joined a theatre group called Gingertainment were he performed in stage dramas mostly comedies. When he came back to Nigeria, he joined Nollywood industry together with Dennison Igwe and did some couple of production in which it wasn’t really a success and his mum always kicked against most of his production. In quote was what he said his mum told him;

“She always said the reason God gave us our talent was to promote His cause, and that the devil would do everything possible to destroy it. Whenever we shoot any skit, my mum is usually the first person to screen it. We have shot some videos and condemned same simply because a lady wore revealing clothes in it. It is difficult to get content that is completely decent. She motivates me to think and she is creative too. In fact, I think she is more of a comedian than I am. My dad is a private person and he is also a Christian”.

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He also said “I knew I was not ready for school and I decided not to go to school again. I don’t regret my actions because I wouldn’t have found fulfillment as a practicing doctor but will later go back to school to study business or any other related course but not medicine again”.

Markangel Biography

Dennison Igwe suggested for them to start their own media company since the movie industry was brief. So in 2013, Mark Angel commenced business officially on his Production Company Mechanic Pictures. His talent in photography and cinematography lead to the establishment of Mechanic Pictures, which he uses to shoot photos and videos for comedies and videos. MarkAngel is also a comedy writer, he writes for some comedians and from there gets the opportunity to do some stand-up comedy as he rehearse the comedy he wrote which enables him make some minor corrections if there is any before giving it to the comedians. Isn’t Markangel biography interesting?

Discovery of Emmanuella

Markangel Biography

How Emmanuella came to picture and starred in all the Mark Angel Comedy Videos has been a big question to the public and fans of Mark Angel Comedy. A lot of people say Emmanuella is the daughter of Mark Angel some say he is an uncle to her while some say she is just a little girl he is training to be a star.

Emmanuella is Mark Angel’s niece; she has lived with Mark Angel and his family ever since she was born. You might be wondering if Emmanuella’s parents are alive well yes they are fully alive. Mark Angel said in an interview that “we are a large family and they lived together in the past”.

Emmanuella’s talent was discovered in Mark Angel’s acting school (foundation) not because she was his niece but because she was the most talented in the foundation and her roles can speak for her.

MarkAngel Biography and Emmanuella


Markangel Biography

Emmanuella’s full name is Emmanuella Samuel, she also grew up in Port Harcourt Rivers state with her uncle Mark Angel. Emmanuella is a pupil of Perfect International School Port Harcourt, as funny as it is and as hard as it may be to believe, Emmanuella is in primary one (1) going to primary two (2).

Emmanuella was born on the 6th of July 2010, the little talented comedian known as Emmanuella is 6 years old. The funny and upcoming comedian Emmanuella has won an award in 2015 which is the G influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award in 2015, which I believe is the beginning of many more awards to come. Emmanuella’s favorite role models in the comedy industry are Basket mouth and Kevin Hart; she said they inspire her a lot. Her favorite meal is white rice and stew with chicken.

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Emmanuella has starred in almost all of the MarkAngel Comedy Videos and have proven to the world that she is not just talented little girl but also worthy to be called an actress and a comedian. If she could perform such wonders and acquire such fame and popularity within a short period of time and at such a tender age, then what and where will she be at 18 years when she becomes an adult?

Above are MarkAngel biography and Emmanuella’s, together they have excelled and gained fame and popularity amongst other top comedians, actors, musicians and other celebrities. MarkAngel biography and Emmanuella is what every Nigerian and fans wants to know about; as interesting and remarkable as it may sound, MarkAngel biography and Emmanuella is touching and inspirational.

Due to their rapid growth in the business, a lot of interviews from different angles keep coming up and so many questions keep arising. Questions like:

Why shoot your comedy skit in such poor locations instead of Lagos, Abuja or even the same port Harcourt but in an expensive and well looking place?

Mark Angel’s response to the question was that comedy is comedy; it doesn’t matter where you shoot it. As far as you can relate with it and make your audience laugh then it’s ok. He also added and said that they came from a low background and they relate well in such areas, so that’s why they create their videos there.

Do you feel threaten by other comedians and competitions?

Truth be told, I do not do comedy for business, I do it for fun and I love it. Only those that do comedy for business are threatened by other competitors. So I do see anybody as a threat or competition.

What is the reaction of Emmanuella’s parent with her new found fame at her tender age?

His response was that the parents of Emmanuella are very proud of their daughter. And that they love what she is doing and she is also good at what she does.

Don’t you feel jealous knowing that Emmanuella is stealing the spotlight and getting all the attention even though you own the company and the comedy skit?

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His answer was awesome; he said “there is nothing like stealing the spotlight that the aim is for them to put her out there to help gain audience in the world comedy skit. So there is no jealousy what so ever. It is our mission and is happy we are gradually achieving it”.

Do you have any educational background in comedy because you are good at what you do?

I don’t have any educational background in comedy neither do I have any educational background because I dropped out of school but will go back to school as soon as am settled. I love making people laugh and I also love and enjoy laughing”.

Among all your comedy skits, which one brought you out and made a big hit?

“The comedy skit that brought us out was the Landlord skits”.

Tell us the few challenges you encounter while working with Emmanuella?

“You all know that Emmanuella is still a child despite her talent and gift. It takes a whole lot of patience to work with children because apart from Emmanuella, there are other children in the company too. Of course she do skip her lines from time to time just like every other adult but she still comes back to them and she is good in memorizing what is given to her.

Markangel Biography

She is always carried away with her friends and has a very good way of putting everything she discusses with her friends into her lines, so we try not to shoot in the presence of her friends and or other children. Apart from her talent, there is one thing that bagfuls me with her. Anytime she doesn’t get anything right, I just let her sleep or let her be. After a while when she is awake or calm, I just don’t know how she does it but she does it right, that line that or challenge that is in front of her, she overcomes it.


This is the complete history of Markangel Biography, emmanuella and Denilson igwe. Hope you find this awesome Markangel biography good and handy.

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Markangel Biography



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