Makeup for Dark Skin: 8 Most Read Tips (LADIES ONLY)

A lot of girls find it difficult to do makeup for dark skin. Selecting the particular shade of foundation, eye shadow and eye liner that will show and look good on you is a very important tutorial you would love to have and apply. Makeup that radiates your beauty can give you confidence and make you stand out amongst all other girls.

Markup for dark skin can be quite challenging for most dark skin ladies. In this blog post, you will learn how to apply makeup for dark skin. Follow the various methods and steps listed below on makeup for dark skin for perfect appearance and confident look.

How to Apply Makeup for Dark Skin

  1. Getting the right Foundation

makeup for dark skin

On applying makeup for dark skin, this is the major part you need to focus on because lot of girls find it difficult to find the right foundation that best suit the skin color. Before you find a foundation, try to know the kind of skin you have; whether dried, oily or partially both skin. For most girls that easily breakouts, always having a shiny faces and or have large pores, it is to say that you have an oily skin and for those with dry skin, they usually have rough or red patches, barely visible pores, or flaking skin, If your face has parts that seem oily and other parts that seem dry, you have combination skin. So knowing and using the right foundation for your skin is necessary.

Applying makeup for dark skin has to go with the right foundation because there are different types of foundations that work with different skin types either oily or dry so be sure to make the right choice on foundation.

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Makeup for dark skin with oily skin should go for MATTE FOUNDATION which helps a lot to dry up the oils while Girls applying makeup for dark skin on dry skin should moisturize first i.e rinse with water then use a CREAM FOUNDATION.

     2. Foundation color

This is also another angle some girls tend to ignore. You cannot use any kind of color for foundation when applying makeup for dark skin, the foundation color you pick should have the same undertone as your skin color because undertones are the base of your skin’s color. So please try to use the right color of foundation when applying makeup for dark skin.

NOTE: The best way to find the perfect foundation is to use several different colors to match your skin.

     3. Rinse your Face

It is now a habit for girls when applying makeup, they don’t wash or clean or moisturize their face. It is necessary to clean your face before applying foundation of any kind.

     4. Apply foundation with a foundation brush

makeup for dark skin

When applying makeup for dark skin, always make use of a foundation brush. Now why do you need to use a foundation brush when doing a makeup for dark skin? The answer is simple in the sense that a foundation brush will help u more in applying your foundation consistently and smoothly on your face. All you have to do is to put a little of the foundation on the tip of the brush and continue applying until your entire face is covered and evenly blended, also make sure to rinse the brush after every application to keep it clean and sanitary.

NOTE: Before any use of foundation, always make sure you shake the bottle of the foundation before applying to avoid the colors of liquid foundation slightly separating from the foundation itself.

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NOTE: If you are using two different colors of foundation on your face, apply the lighter tone first, and then apply the darker tone, and then use the brush to blend them together where they meet.

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NOTE: Always start the application of foundation on the center of your face and blend the foundation out and up. Continue applying until your entire face is covered and evenly blended.

NOTE: Use a buffing brush or sponge in a circular motion to blend the foundation into your skin and soften your look. Make sure to buff around your jaw line and neck so you don’t end up with a foundation line.

     5. Eye Shadow

Since this tips is makeup for dark skin, girls can wear bright colors on their eyes to enable them look stunning and attractive. Wearing a bright color on your eyes is really necessary because of your dark skin, colors like blue, emerald, purple and more can bring out the makeup on your face noticeable and outstanding. Also, the use of neutral colors for eye shadows in shades of brown or nude can highlight your eyes and still look beautiful and natural.

NOTE: whites and very light colors can create a dry or ashy look on dark skins.

Black and brown eye liners are great for a natural look, and colored eyeliners are fun to use to create a more dramatic look.

     6. Eyeliner and mascara.

The best Eye liner on makeup for dark skin is Black and brown eye liners, they give you this great and bold natural look, but not withstanding, you can also use colored eyeliners to step up the fun and look more attractive.

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Do you want to have a flawless look on your eyes? YES! Mascara gives you that flawless look by lengthen and thicken your eye lashes. Mascara enhances Eye lashes so always apply your mascara for maximum look and appearance.

     7. Application of Blush

Blusher gives the cheeks a little extra color and highlights the cheek bones. Apply the blush right under your cheekbones to create sculpt on your face. Bright colors like bright pink can look great on makeup for dark skin if they complement the skin’s undertones.

     8. Color of Lip stick

This is yet another angle some girls tend to forget and also ignore. Wearing a bright deep color look makes you look exceptional on dark skin girls. Lipstick colors like reds, deep pink and deep purples all are great choices for your lip stick.

NOTE: If you want to wear neutral colors, just make sure you find a color that’s close to your natural skin tone.

NOTE: It is necessary to apply lip gloss on your lip stick for maximum lip appearance and seduction. Apart from that applying a little of lip gloss helps in protecting your lips as a lady and also moisturizing the lips to make it look more attractive and tender.

I hope this tips on how to apply makeup for dark skin was helpful. If you have any questions or contribution, please kindly drop them below at the comment box and do share the piece.



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