How to Get Your Akismet API Key For Free And At Ease

Akismet API Key is used to unlock your Akismet to enable it to work effectively it is also an anti spam software program used to Prevent spam comment and other form of spam to your site or blog. Akismet is an anti spam shield that comes along with your wordpress once you activate your wordpress account.

Akismet is the best anti spam software you can ever use to get your site protected against spammers on your blog or site. Getting an Akismet API Key is easy and there are also a whole lot of free and paid anti spam plugins you can download.

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The question is how many of those anti spam plugins work. It’s true the paid works very well, what the paid plugin says it will do surely it will do it, but how about the free plugin of anti spam. Do they do what they say they will do? I don’t think so but with the Akismet API Key, I will be able to use your Akismet for free.

Akismet unlike other software is a built-in plugin that comes along with wordpress; you and I know if it wasn’t good wordpress wouldn’t include it as a built-in plugin.

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People love Akismet but they just can use it because it’s not free, you have to purchase the Akismet API key. Well I have good news for you, Akismet API key is free for everyone and there is also the paid Akismet API key.

How I got to found out about the Akismet API key to be free was when I was attacked with a lot of comment spam. I made a mistake of approving a spam comment when I was moderating due to the sleep In my eyes. After doing that, the next day in the morning when my eyes were open enough; I couldn’t believe what I saw.

I saw over one thousand five hundred spam comment on my wordpress dashboard. That was when I realized and recall what I did last night so I started deleting them one at a time, as funny as it may sound it was also annoying because the more I was deleting the more I receive.

It took me 3 days to delete all the spam but they were still coming like 5 to 10 every two hours. So I got frustrated and went to my Akismet and clicked on the get Akismet API key. From that moment, I realized there was a way to get the Akismet API key for free.

Am going to give you a guide on how to get your Akismet API key for free.

  1. Click on the “Activate” button on your Akismet Area. After clicking on it, you will be directed to Akismet site for sign up.
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  1. Once you get to Akismet site, you will see “GET AN AKISMET API KEY”, click on it. See image below.

akismet api key

  1. You will be taken to another page just like the one below where you will “Pick your plan”. Select the Basic that is (Name your price).

akismet api key

  1. Next is the payment method. LOL! This is where people run away because they saw a payment method. But not to worry, you are not paying a penny for the Akismet API Key.

All you need to do is to ignore the payment method and go to the top right hand side of the page you are in; where you see “what is Akismet worth to you?” $36/YEAR then click or touch on that $36/Year and drag it back to $0/YEAR. See image below.

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akismet api key

Immediately you drag it back $0/YEAR, the payment method disappears instantly.

  1. Click on the “CONTINUE” button

akismet api key

  1. You will be taken to another page showing you “Account Overview” with your Akismet API Key just like in the image below.

akismet api key

That’s it you are done, you can view your Akismet API Key by touching the eye sign below the green written “Active Non-billable” as shown in the image below then copy the Akismet API Key and paste it at your Akismet dashboard in your blog.

And that’s it you are done; do you now see and believe that the Akismet API Key is free not paid.

Please do share this among your friends and drop your reviews. If you have any questions or suggestion, I would love to get them and apply them.



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