How To Check if Your Domain Name is Blocked or Banned by Google

A lot of people mostly new bloggers tend to ignore or maybe they don’t know about the importance and relevancy of their domain name. Your domain name is very important to you as it is what is been used to Identify your site or blog.

What is a domain name?

Domain name is a personal address on the web that identifies authority or control of a particular site or blog. This domain names are generated along side with the rules and procedures of the domain name server (DNS).

This address direct and point people to your site or blog. Names address cataloged or certified in the DNS are domain names. Example of a domain name is “”

One funny thing people don’t know is that a domain name can be used by so many different individual but one at a time.

You might think that you are the only person that have used that your name or about to use the name but you might be surprised with the significant amount of individuals that have used it before you if you check.

You seeing the name available during the period you wanted to purchase it or buy it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been used before by another person.

It is possible that you are the first individual to have used your name or about to use it and at the same time it might be that someone else might have used it before you. One reason or the other the person couldn’t continue with the name.

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What are the possible reasons why people stop using a domain name?

  1. It could be may be the person or company decide to change their name to something else there by ignoring the other name.
  2. It could be that may be the duration of that name has expired and then off the hosting company thereby making the name available for everybody.
  3. It could also be that the name has been blocked by Google and the owner left it to go get another domain name.

NOTE: Every domain name that the duration period of purchase expires will be unavailable for that person to use until he renews it again. Given a specific period of time, if not renewed the domain name will be recycled there by making it available for anyone to purchase.

It is advised to always renew your domain name when it is two month to dead line.

Those are the possible reasons that would make someone or a group to stop using a domain. Now the third option is what we need to worry about. YES! You have to worry about that particular one; if the domain name is blocked by Google.

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If by chance the domain name is blocked by Google then that’s a very big problem. Once your domain name has been blacklisted by Google either you were the first person that in use of it or the fifth person or the last, then know that you have a limitation or limitations from Google.


It is very easy to find out if your domain name has not been blocked or blacklisted by Google.

There are various methods in which you can find out if your domain name is blacklisted or blocked by Google.

The reason of this check is to:

  • To know if it is save to sell or transfer your domain to a new one.
  • If you want to open an adsense account
  • If your site has been blocked or blacklisted by Google adsense team

Just follow these steps below to find out:

  1. Go to Google search box and type:
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domain name

The moment you type this, your site will appear on Google search engine together with your indexed pages of your site. This is a good sign that your site is safe.

  1. After the first method, visit

domain name

After the site is opened, go below the page and insert your URL that’s your domain name in the space provided.

Please try to type your URL with www and without www to know exactly if both are safe or not.

domain namedomain name

  1. You can also use this bonus check by Google to check if your blog or site has been blacklisted or banned due to copyrighted content. Visit

Scroll below to insert your URL to see if you have any copyrighted content. If it shows no data then you are safe.

domain namedomain name

Once all this processes are done, then you will be able to know if your domain name is blocked, banned or blacklisted on Google.

I really would love to hear from you on suggestions, ideas or questions so please feel free to you’re your below at the comment box.



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