Acronym (s) and Backronym (s) of words in the world

Knowing the Acronym of words and also the full form of some words we use is very important and also very educative to us and to the public. In this blog post, we are going to tell you about acronym (s) and show you so many acronym (s) and full form (backronym (s)) of words […]

chibosco comedy

Biography of Chibosco Comedy |Complete Life History|

Biography of Chibosco Comedy |Complete Life History|   Chibosco comedy is an upcoming comedy skit company that is really working hard and striving to make comedy skit more interesting and funny. Some of you might have heard of chibosco comedy or even watch his comedy skit without knowing its chibosco’s and most of you might […]

Egyptian thoughts

Seven Life Egyptian Thoughts You Need to Know And Have

Seven Life Egyptian thoughts you need to know and have Egyptian thoughts are culture that is rear in the world. Every culture on earth has a particular code of conduct. A silent agreement, that agreed upon between the inhabitants of the land. In my teenage years, I was the “wild” one; I tended to say […]

Markangel Biography

Markangel Biography: Complete Life History

Markangel Biography: Complete Life History Do you love MarkAngel Comedy Skit, are you are fan; then you definitely need to read and know about MarkAngel Biography and his complete life history. Comedy is no science but an art of entertainment comprising of jokes and or satirical sketches intended to make the public, audience or fans […]