google adsense alternatives

Top 7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives for a Site or Blog

Been able to generate revenue from your site or blog is the best thing that could ever happen to you. You are going to see the best Google AdSense Alternatives that will give you almost same benefit with Google AdSense. Generating revenue from your site or blog is nice and also one of the major […]

unblock a Link on Facebook

Genuine Way to Unban or Unblock a Link on Facebook

How can you unban or unblock a link on facebook? Nowadays, lots of people have fall victim of their URL been blocked, banned or blacklisted by so many engines and social media. The funny part is that most people that are been blocked or banned from a particular place don’t even know what they did […]

akismet api key

How to Get Your Akismet API Key For Free And At Ease

Akismet API Key is used to unlock your Akismet to enable it to work effectively it is also an anti spam software program used to Prevent spam comment and other form of spam to your site or blog. Akismet is an anti spam shield that comes along with your wordpress once you activate your wordpress […]

organic traffic

How to get organic traffic to your site with 5 simple steps

Everybody that owns a business wants his business to be found when it’s been searched for. You will agree with me when I say organic traffic is the hardest traffic to get and the most number one traffic you should worry yourself about on like other types of traffic. Organic traffic also known as search […]

Web hosting companies in Nigeria

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

Web hosting companies in Nigeria has improved tremendously. It’s true they can never be compared with the foreign web hosting companies but that does not mean that they aren’t good or better in some ways or aspect. Foreign host make you go through a whole lot of stress in terms of communication and mode of […]


11 easy ways to get backlinks to your blog or site

A lot of people create a site or blog without knowing how to get organic backlinks traffic to their site or blog. Organic traffic is the most crucial, most difficult and also the best traffic you can ever have to enable you get good page ranking by search engines. A very good and effective way […]

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