Top Five (5) Best Web Hosting Companies in the world

When you hear of web hosting companies, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Let’s see a brief meaning and explanation of web hosting.

Every individual, large or small scale business needs a website. Individual have websites to make their product more visible worldwide also an easy way of knowing them and getting access to some things about them.

When it comes to small and large scale business, the owners need to make their business known to the public. A company without a Web presence is like seeing many opportunities on the table but can’t have them. So also a well designed website is a factor to attracting clients or customers. And those visitors can translate into big money in so many ways.

So creating a website and choosing the best web hosting companies is very essential.

What is a web hosting service?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows and enables individuals and organizations to make their website visible and accessible via the World Wide Web.

Web hosting companies are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity.

To Get Started

The first thing you need to do is to find the Web hosting companies that will store your website’s files on its servers and deliver them to your readers’ and customers’ browsers 24/7.

Before we go into picking and knowing the best web hosting companies, we need to consider some certain factors and value. Below are the factors we are going to put into consideration.

  1. Reliability and up Time: This factor is of great importance to your site and to the web hosting companies, because if your site is down then your customers or client will not be able to access your site. There by making lose a lot.

Uptime and reliability refers to the system itself being online and accessible. This could also mean the availability of your website measured by the percentage of a year, month, weekly or day in which the website is publicly accessible and reachable via the Internet.

Note that no host is 99.9% perfect but they thrive to be the best.

  1. Support: Customer support is very vital to you when searching for good web hosting companies and also to the hosting companies as well. As a site owner you rely on each service to have solid uptime.

When a server fails temporarily or mistakenly, the web hosting companies should have a support team available 24/7 both phone and live chat.

It is important for you to know and remember that when you purchase a web host with web hosting companies, you are not just purchasing their service but entering into a business relationship with them. So you need to have an easy way of communication without much cost or cause.

  1. Feature: This factor also good to some extent because many web hosting companies has so many features that are not important to you. Its better you go for the web hosting company that has a great feature attached to a plan that you want to purchase. Features like SSL certificate, SSH access and more.
  1. Speed: This is my favorite; so many people tend to forget about speed. Speed is very very important, in the sense that if your site or blog is not fast enough then you tend to lose customers to your site nobody wants delay when trying to access a site you also get server time out which is bad for business. So speed is very essential to web hosting companies.
  1. Price and Value: Some people go for web hosting companies that has relatively low price, which is not that of a good strategy. Now you have to understand that some web hosting companies are high due to the services they offer and how secured they are.
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NOTE that the low price always comes with limited disk space, bandwidth and single domain for most web hosting companies.

You can option for a low price plan in a web hosting company or a hosting company that is low because you need to give yourself room to grow than later when your site is increasing and growing beyond the plan that you are in, you can now switch to better web hosting companies or plan in the same hosting company you are in or other web hosting companies.

Types of Hosting For All Business Size

Knowing the type of hosting plan you are going for is necessary and the entire web hosting companies offers a complex list of products with different features available in them and so also their price differs.

  1. Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is the type of hosting that is commonly used by thousands of websites and are all placed in one server where they share both RAM and CPU.

This is also the most affordable, popular and commonly used type of hosting worldwide. It is quite basic and less complex in terms of software and updates.

Affordable doesn’t mean low quality or value. You also have all functionality of a professionally managed web server but only shoulder a small share of the server cost.

In shared hosting, you also have different type of shared hosting plans; where you pick the one that best suit you. This is where feature comes in handy.

  1. VPS Hosting: VPS meaning Virtual Private Server. This type of hosting is like an upgrade to Shared Hosting. It is similar to the shared but better, it is better in the sense that if by chance you exceed the all powers given to you in shared hosting and your content and visit are way over, then VPS Hosting is the next option for you.

You also share a server space with other on the VPS and fewer websites are using it; it is by far better than the shared hosting in a way that you have more opportunity to customize your space, management and control your server and also benefit more from added security in compared to shared hosting.

  1. Dedicated Hosting: Unlike Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting that you share server space, CPU and all that, in Dedicated Hosting you are allocated with a server of your own. This means no sharing of servers, no crashes.

You are the one to control, maintain and customize your server. This type of hosting uses powering complex applications and advanced scripts so it is mostly used by experts.

  1. Cloud Hosting: This is a unique kind of hosting; cloud hosting is distributed over many computers. As a result, cloud hosting is extremely stable, reliable and scalable. Any website that is hosted under cloud is more reliable than others because other computers in the cloud can compensate when a single piece of hardware goes down.

Also, local power disruptions or even natural disasters are less problematic for cloud hosted sites. That’s good.

So if you are looking for speed, uptime and rapid scalability then cloud hosting is just what you’re looking for.

  1. Reseller Hosting: This is a kind of hosting that allows clients to become web host themselves thereby buying access to server resources in bulk, and then resell it under your own brand. It is an advanced type of hosting, which as a reseller, you will be required to provide your customers with identical services, customer and technical support 24/7.

NOTE: Reseller Hosting are not for people that are new in web hosting. It is far advanced and huge beyond your imagination.


web hosting companies

Inmotion hosting: The shared business hosting options are very flexible, and there are three plans to choose from: Launch, Power and Pro. There is an obvious difference in price that reflects bandwidth, disk space and security features.

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Even as the lowest plan, the Launch package manages to be one of the best shared hosting offers in our lineup. Each account holder can manage up to two sites. You are also allowed to host 25 subdomains and six parked domains.

Unlimited may be a tricky term in the web hosting industry, but what it means is a number higher than 95 percent of what the user base would ever need. By that definition, this web hosting service offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email accounts.

InMotion clearly has confidence in its product, as it offers the longest money back guarantee period of 90 days. We put this claim to the test and were not hassled by the sales staff about canceling. The only thing that isn’t refunded is the initial cost of a domain, which is $15.


  • Signup verification via phone – all purchases must be manually verified to eliminate fake users/spam
  • Checkout procedures are confusing and could be improved
  • Occasional hardware upgrades and scheduled maintenance
  • A limited number of site add-ons (2 domains allowed) for the Launch plan (their most basic hosting plan)
  • Premium website builder feels old and outdated, not the best choice


  • Starting Price $3.49 (Yearly)
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • $250 Free Advertising Credits
  • Customer Support Center
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Domain Registration FREE


SFTP is not available but FTP over TLS/SSH is supported, which provides equal levels of security. Overall security is good.


Overall, the platform is pretty cutting-edge and also offers free SSD drives which are much faster than the traditional hard drives used by most other hosting companies.

web hosting companies

Ipage: As one of the top Web hosts on the market, iPage offers its users access to a variety of cutting-edge features. In addition to unlimited space, bandwidth, and email accounts, you also get an iPage domain name free for one year. Plus, this host gives users access to a free drag-and-drop website builder, as well as full iPage FTP management capabilities. And if you’re a freelancer or agency interested in developing more of a partnership with this host, the iPage Reseller Program can help you better serve your clients while opening up a whole new revenue stream.


  • Expensive renewal rates after the first payment expires
  • From time to time, it promotes addons & additional services
  • Slower performance than other web hosts
  • Uses MOJO Marketplace


web hosting companies

  • Starting Price $1.99 (Monthly)
  • $500 Free Advertising Credits
  • Domain Registration FREE for one year

Conclusion: With their all-in-one plan at an excellent price, iPage is perfect for all personal and small businesses needs. And with its anytime money-back guarantee, you can try it out without ever feeling tied-up.

web hosting companies

JustHost: Although Just Host limits storage space, subdomains and MySQL databases, the web host is confident that its allotments are plenty big enough for most of its customers. The company offers unlimited data transfer, but that has little to do with the speed and performance of your website.

Memory and computing usage are what affect the load time of your website. The web host doesn’t give a definitive number that flags the company that your website is reaching the threshold; however, if you do go over the resources Just Host allots, your website may be intentionally slowed, moved or you could be asked to upgrade your plan.

If you find that your website is outgrowing the shared server on which it resides, you have the option of upgrading to one of two other plans. The upgrades include fewer limits and higher resource allotments, among other features.

  • Starting Price $2.50 (Monthly)
  • Unlimited Space (100GB) & Bandwidth
  • $200 Free Advertising Credits
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Full-Time Network Monitoring
  • Domain Registration $14.99
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JustHost is running mod_suPHP and there is strong isolation between user accounts.

SFTP is also available for Secure FTP file transfers. Overall security is excellent.


With all the desirable features, an easy-to-use platform, a helpful customer service, no hidden charges, and anytime money back guarantee, JustHost is recommended if you are looking for cheap, yet quality hosting. JustHost is a great starter solution and will grow with your site. We belive JustHost currently offers the best deal at this pricepoint.

web hosting companies

HostGator: The basic hosting plans are generally good, with a few distinct omissions. The Hatchling plan provides unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts and MySQL databases, yet you are only allowed to run one URL per account. This, of course, changes as you upgrade. Also, you cannot park any domain names.

The money back guarantee is slightly better than average; HostGator allows 45 days to get your monthly hosting cost back, minus the one-time cost of the domain. You can cancel at any point in the contract, but you won’t get your money back for the month you cancel in after the guarantee period.


web hosting companies

  • Starting Price $3.13 (Monthly)
  • Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
  • 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 4500 Free Templates
  • Domain Registration $12.95


With shared hosting, it is especially important that your webspace is isolated from the other clients’ web space on the same server. Otherwise it would be possible for a hacker to open/compromise an account on a server and then easily access your own web space.

To prevent this, HostGator is running mod_suPHP which is the best for providing strong isolation between user accounts. Perfect!


Hostgator may be slightly more expensive than some of their competitors, and they may not offer as many free add-ons or additional features as some others do. However, do you really need those?


web hosting companies

On the other hand, HostGator provides top-notch service in terms of server up-time and lets you pay monthly with no long term contract. Add to this guaranteed 99.9% up-time and world class customer support. All this definitely makes Hostgator a serious option to consider when looking for a new web-hosting provider.

web hosting companies

Blue Host: The web hosting service provides you with one of the most comprehensive lists of features you can find in a shared hosting plan. It does appear as though the key components are limited upon first glance, but the numbers should be sufficient for those who only require shared hosting. For example, instead of the industry standard unlimited amount of disk space or email accounts, Bluehost limits you to 100GB of disk space and 100 email accounts.

We ran a load test for our website and found no server-side errors. Our site loaded in less than a second, which is an excellent load time.


  • No monthly plan price but yearly
  • Basic hosting plan only allows you to host 1 site
  • Website transfer to bluehost is expensive


  • Starting Price $2.95 (Yearly)
  • Revolutionary VPS Technology
  • One click install Features for WordPress
  • Custom-Designed Control Panel
  • SSH Secure Shell Access
  • Domain Registration FREE


BlueHost is running suPHP and there is strong isolation between user accounts. (FastCGI is also available)

SFTP is not available. There Overall security is good.

From the above listed web hosting companies, I will give the best web hosting company to HOSTGATOR




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