Top 7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives for a Site or Blog

Been able to generate revenue from your site or blog is the best thing that could ever happen to you. You are going to see the best Google AdSense Alternatives that will give you almost same benefit with Google AdSense.

Generating revenue from your site or blog is nice and also one of the major ways of making money online legally and genuinely but the problem is which one is the best Google AdSense alternatives when you are been rejected over and over again from Google or you are been blocked or banned by google

It is true no matter how good the best Google adsense alternatives are, it can never be compared by the all mighty Google AdSense. But there is a saying that goes like this “Something is better than nothing” and it’s true. Its better you get something from your site than not get anything.

A lot of new bloggers create a blog or site and after a while they apply for Google AdSense. Some of them get approved and most of them get rejected due to one reason or the other. A lot will re-apply over and over again but still get rejected; you don’t have to give up simply because Google didn’t work out. There are other best Google AdSense alternatives that you can use to montinize your site or blog and generate good revenue as well instead of waiting for Google AdSense.

You should note that Google AdSense is a contextual ad program while some of the Google AdSense alternatives are not contextual ad programs, some might be direct advertisement, in text link and or affiliate outbound links.

Looking for good Google AdSense alternatives is necessary in the sense that you might want to increase the revenue you make from your site apart from you already having your Google AdSense account. You might want to keep your website income diversify or may be because you’d like to add some additional income stream, so it’s not necessary that you have to be rejected, blocked or banned by Google AdSense before you go for Google AdSense alternatives.

Below are the top 7 Google AdSense Alternatives that you can actually add to your AdSense account safely or use if you haven’t gotten a Google AdSense account to generate revenue from your site or blog.

Note that you can always re-apply for Google AdSense ( much later when you think you are ready and after you have fulfill the necessary requirement of Google

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  1. net
  2. Viglink
  3. Infolinks
  4. Adversal
  5. Revenue Hits
  6. Amazon Affiliate
  7. Adsoptimal

google adsense alternatives This is one of the best if not the best Google AdSense Alternative for a site or blog. It is powered by yahoo and bing. When it comes to eCPM, is the best of all Google AdSense Alternatives. has a very friendly user interface that every blogger either new or old can handle.

In terms of Revenue, is the 2nd largest contextual ads program globally. It is has a particular strong performance on mobile devices than other Google AdSense Alternative, it also offers contextual ads (targeted text display)

Mode of Payment

  • They pay publishers on a fast net 30 payout.
  • The payment threshold is $100.00.
  • Payment is by wire transfer, payoneer or PayPal.
  • Minimum Payout $100

google adsense alternatives

Viglink: This is yet among the best Google AdSense alternatives that are very good and mostly for e-commerce sites that has to do with product or goods. Unlike other Google AdSense alternatives that displays contextual ads, Viglink convert normal links into affiliate links thereby earning money through affiliate sales.

Viglinks is good and safe to use with Google ASense account because it is incubated by Google itself and it is an SEO friendly ad program. It is not necessary that you most have an outbound link before it turns it to an affiliate link. As far as you have anything related to money and or product, Viglinks automatically adds the links into the words there by making you earn some good amount of revenue. Types of ads displayed are Viglink anywhere, viglink convert and viglink insert.

Mode of Payment

  • They pay publishers on a net-60 day basis.
  • The payment threshold is $10.00.
  • Payment is by PayPal, with no additional fees.
  • Minimum Payout no minimum

google adsense alternatives

Infolinks: Among all other Google AdSense alternatives, infolinks is the most used and largest monetinization network in the world. It is a cool Google AdSense alternatives in the sense that you can use it together with your Google AdSense account if you have or you use it together with any other Google AdSense alternatives programs to make quicker money.

With infolinks, you can choice from different types of ways in which you want to use for advertisement on your site or blog such as in text ad unit, in frame ad unit, in search ad unit and in tag ad unit. It also has an easy user interface and it is open for all publishers either big or small, high traffic or not, page views or not you can apply for free and make good money from your unused ad space.

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Mode of Payment

  • Payment is made by PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, Back Transfer, Check or ACH
  • Minimum payment threshold of $50 for Paypal or $100 for Bank wire.

google adsense alternatives

Adversal: This is also a great alternative to AdSense, it has a good CTR rate, awesome support teams and also good banners also work very well with other languages. You are also allowed to use this adsense ads program together with a Google adsense account so long as the ads look completely different from each other like color difference. It also has an affiliate program as well which is good

NOTE that Adversal requires your site or blog to have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month before applying. Types of ads display are Banner, pop under and ministitial.

Mode of Payment

  • Minimum payout is $20 with all payment methods
  • After 35 days, you get paid at the end of the month.
  • payment modes are PayPal, ACH, Check, or Wire Transfer

google adsense alternatives

Revenue Hits: This is a very strong ads network based on performance which means they help you earn money by Cost Per Click (CPA) based system.

Revenue Hits was found in 2008, based in Israel and it is owned and operated by MyAdWise Limited and the main aim of this company is to help you make money from your site or blog traffic. Types of display ads are Pop up ads, apps & widgets and display ads

With Revenue Hits, you get your account activated instantly upon activation; it has wide range coverage in the sense that it doesn’t matter who or where your audience are coming from, they target any country of your choice and make you get the best out of it. Another thing I love about this Israeli ads program is that whether you are new in blogging or not, you can operate to the fullest without any problems what so ever.

Mode of Payment                

  • Pays on a NET 30 basis
  • They issue payments via wire, PayPal and Payoneer
  • Minimum Payout is $20 for PayPal and $500 for wire transfer

google adsense alternatives

Amazon Affiliates: Amazon Affiliate has the world largest affiliate programs and it is also a good Google AdSense Alternatives for making a decent amount of money. Amazon Affiliate offers contextual linking which helps you get more clicks on the ads. If you are using Amazon Affiliate, I will advise you to always write things or do things that are one way or the other related to Amazon like products and stuff like that.

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Amazon launched Native Shopping Ads which can be automatically targeted using on page content to drive relevancy, or webmasters can programmatically drive ad topics using a page’s title or a different custom variable set up for ad targeting. It has three types of Ads: Recommendation Ads, Search Ads and Custom Ads.

You have to understand that some sites are best for AdSense while some sites are best for Affiliate programs in other words, you can you or combine both to i.e AdSense and affiliates to make tremendous revenue. Types of ads display are recommended ads, search ads and custom ads.

Mode of Payment

  • Direct deposit, with a $10.00 minimum payout (US Associates only or Gift certificate)
  • Check, with a $15.00 fee and a $100.00 minimum payout (No $15.00 fee for internationals)
  • gift card

AdsOptimal: AdsOptimal AdSense program is an AdSense program that is quiet new and not that popular, it came out in 2013 and till date it has been making a lot of bloggers super rich and crazy.

AdsOptimal offers very high qualities advert and if you have a good amount of traffic, then the sky is your limit in the kind of money you are going to generate.

Another interesting thing about AdsOptimal ads is that starting up does not require any tax, it is easy to use and understand so also, you get additional $5 for every new sign up and ads integration.

The above mentioned AdSense alternatives are the best top 7 Google AdSense alternatives you can use for your site or blog whether you have a Google AdSense account or not to earn a whole lot of money.

NOTE that you can use more than one Google AdSense alternatives on your site or blog for maximum revenue either adding to your Google AdSense account or the Alternative accounts.

If there are any questions, suggestions or comments, I really would love to hear from you. Kindly drop them below via the comment box.



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