Acronym (s) and Backronym (s) of words in the world

Knowing the Acronym of words and also the full form of some words we use is very important and also very educative to us and to the public.

In this blog post, we are going to tell you about acronym (s) and show you so many acronym (s) and full form (backronym (s)) of words you will never imagine to be true or real, but its true, its dame TRUE. So many people mistake acronym and full form (backcronyms) to be the same but the truth is that acronym and full form are not the same.

ACRONYM is a name or word formed as an abbreviation from the initial components in a phrase while BACKRONYM also known as FULL FORM which is inventing a meaning for a word that already exist.

Electronic world of acronym (s)

PAN – permanent account number.

PDF – portable document format.

SIM – Subscriber Identity Module.

ATM – Automated Teller machine.

IFSC – Indian Financial System Code.

FSSAI (Fssai) – Food Safety & Standards Authority of India.

Wi-Fi – Wireless fidelity.

GOOGLE – Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth.

YAHOO – Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

WINDOW – Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution.

COMPUTER – Common Oriented Machine. Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research.

VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Siege.

UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications System.

AMOLED – Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode.

OLED – Organic light-emitting diode.

IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity.

ESN – Electronic Serial Number.

UPS – Uninterruptible power supply.

HDMI – High-Definition Multimedia Interface.

VPN – Virtual private network.

APN – Access Point Name.

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LED – Light emitting diode.

DLNA – Digital Living Network Alliance.

RAM – Random access memory.

ROM – Read only memory.

VGA – Video Graphics Array.

QVGA – Quarter Video Graphics Array.

WVGA – Wide video graphics array.

WXGA – Widescreen Extended Graphics Array.

USB – Universal serial Bus.

WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network.

PPI – Pixels Per Inch.

LCD – Liquid Crystal Display.

HSDPA – High speed down-link packet access.

HSUPA – High-Speed Uplink Packet Access.

HSPA – High Speed Packet Access.

GPRS – General Packet Radio Service.

EDGE – Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution.

NFC – Near field communication.

OTG – On the go.

S-LCD – Super Liquid Crystal Display.

O.S – Operating system.

SNS – Social network service.


P.O.I – Point of interest.

GPS – Global Positioning System.

DVD – Digital Video Disk.

DTP – Desk top publishing.

DNSE – Digital natural sound engine.

OVI – Ohio Video Intranet.

CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access.

WCDMA – Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access.

GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications.

DIVX – Digital internet video access.

APK – Authenticated public key.

J2ME – Java 2 micro edition.

SIS – Installation source.

DELL – Digital electronic link library.

ACER – Acquisition Collaboration Experimentation Reflection.

RSS – Really simple syndication.

TFT – Thin film transistor.

AMR- Adaptive Multi-Rate.

MPEG – moving pictures experts group.

IVRS – Interactive Voice Response System.

HP – Hewlett Packard.

POS -Point of Sale.

DNS – Domain Name Server/System/Service

Vocabulary Chat Acronym (s)

OMG – Oh My God

LOL – Laugh out Loud

ASAP – As Soon As Possible

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B/C – Because

BrB – Be Right Back

BTW – By the way or between

CYE – check your mail

ETA – Estimated time of arrival

FYI – for your information

gf – girlfriend

bf – boyfriend

GM – Good Morning

GN – Good Night

HTH – Hope this Helps

IDK – i don’t know

IIRC – If i remember correctly

IMHO – In My Honest Opinion

JK – Just Kidding

ROLF – Rooling on the floor laughing

LMK – Let me know

LOL – Laugh out Loud

N/A – Not available

NC – No comment

OMG – Oh my God

PM – Private Message

ppl – People

RSVP – Please Reply

TBA – To be annouced

TBC – TO Be Continued

thx – Thanks

tnks – Thanks

TTYL – Talk to You Later

TY – Thank You

YW – You’re Welcome

UWC – You Are Welcome

XOXO – Hugs and Kisses

OYO – On Your Own

TMAA – Tell Me About Acronym (s)

TGIF – Thank God Its Friday

Acronym of Organizations

UNICEF – United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.

USAID – United States Agency for International Development

NAFDAC – National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.

NDLEA – The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency

ICPC – Independent Corrupt Practices Commission

EFCC – Economic and Financial Crimes Commission

NNPC – Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

ECOWAS – Economic Community of West African States

OAU – Organisation of African Unity

OPEC – Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNDP – United Nations Development Programme

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FAO – Food And Agriculture Organization

NGO – Non Governmental Organization

ILO – International Labor Organization

WHO – World Health Organization

IMF – International Monetary Fund

IBRD – International Bank Of Reconstruction and Development

INEC – Independent National Electoral Commission

Backronym or full form of some words?

This is the interesting and the most surprised part of full form words. Go through it and see for yourself and tell via the comment box if you are not suprised.

Newspaper – North East West South past and present events report

Chess – Chariot, Horse, Elephant, Soldiers

Joke- Joy of Kids Entertainment

Aim – Ambition in Mind

Date – Day and Time Evolution

Eat – Energy and Taste

Tea – Taste and Energy Admitted

Pen – Power Enriched in Nib

Smile – Sweet Memories in Lips Expression

Etc – End of Thinking Capacity

OK – Objection Killed

Or – Orl Korec (Greek Word)

Fear – Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything and Rise

Key – Keep Educating yourself

Bye – Be with you Everytime

NEWS – Notable Events, Weather and Sports

ERIC – Emotional Reaction Impedes Control

IDEA –  Imagine Dare Execute Achieve

Above are the major and common acronym (s) and backronym (s) you can see easily. I hope the electronic world of acronym (s), and others was educative enough.

If you have other acronym (s) and or bacronym (s) please fill free to drop it below the comment box.




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