6 bonus Tips on How to apply makeup on dry Skin

Applying makeup on dry skin could be a very difficult thing to do but with this few tips on how to apply makeup on dry skin will help you look flawless and also make your makeup outstanding. When the skin you are trying to apply makeup on is dry, the makeup tends to stick on the dry areas of the face instead of the skin to absorb the makeup there by making you look as if you applied the makeup wrongly.

makeup on dry skin

For the fact that you know you have a dry skin, and applying makeup on dry skin will be challenging, you should always prime your skin whenever you want to wear a makeup. Always clean and keep your skin moisturized before you apply makeup to dry skin.

If you follow these free tips on how to apply makeup on dry skin, I assure you that your make up will be flawless and you will not have any patches or make you look as if you did not apply the makeup well.

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6 Tips on how to apply makeup on dry skin

  1. Keep you face clean (rinse) and moisturized before applying makeup on dry skin

Before you apply makeup on dry skin, always keep your face moisturized for maximum result. This is not only on dried skin but on all types of skin. This will give you the ideal canvas for your makeup by leaving skin fresh and ready for anything you put on it. The reason why it is necessary to keep your face clean and moisturized is because of dirt and possible leftover makeup you may have applied previously. By doing this, this will prevent breakouts and clogged pores.

Makeup on dry skin need to be moisturized after a face wash. Use an extra hydrated moisturizer that is formulated for dried skin and apply enough moisturizer but not too much so as to moisturize the dry areas of your face thereby making it ready for makeup application.

NOTE: Use moisturizers with oils in it moisturizers like almond oil, jojoba oil, sesame seed oil. It is important to use a non-comedogenic moisturizer so it won’t cause acne. If you are using the moisturizer for night time, use oils if you are looking for moisturizers for day time, go for non comedogenic types for your age and skin type.

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NOTE: whatever formula you are going to use to wash your face, make sure you use the one formulated for dried skin only. Do not use any product formula meant for oily or normal skin type to avoid worsen of dried skin.

      2. Apply Face Primer

makeup on dry skin

This is one useful tip you ought not to forget when trying to apply makeup on dry skin because it makes your skin to have a smoother base. Face primer is a sheer gel like base that goes on skin before applying any kind of makeup.

When you are applying primer gel, make sure you don’t apply it too much just take a dot on your finger and apply it on necessary areas so that the makeup can be applied without getting stuck to dry patches of skin.

Some girls eyelids are normally dry thereby making your eyelids appear red and irritated. So the best option is to apply eye primer. Eye primer helps eye shadow and eyeliner glide smoother, and makes eye makeup more blend able.

makeup on dry skin
ChapStick on dry lip

Apply Chap Stick:  Every human that has a dried skin always have dried lip. If you suffer from dry skin, using chap stick

makeup on dry skin

      3. Foundation and Concealer

Applying foundation smoothly is often the biggest struggle for those with dry skin, when applying makeup for dry skin, you should always use face makeup that is meant for dry skin. Whatever product you are going to use be it foundation and or concealer, it has to be for dried skin. The reason for this is because all the foundation meant for dry skin is fully moisturized more than other foundation meant for oily or normal skin.

Most ladies ignore the type of foundation they use. You might be fair and you got actually got a foundation for fair skin and what you think that’s all… NO. You need to know if your skin is a dried skin or oily skin. So try not t overlook the importance of foundation.

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Please don’t be tired to a particular type of foundation because there could be a better on out there. When using foundation to apply a makeup on dry skin, always go for this TYPES OF FOUNDATION PRODUCTS Sephora, Ulta or Mac and make sure you get the one for dried skin.

makeup on dry skin
makeup on dry skin


The best type of foundation you can use when you want to apply makeup on dry skin in terms of texture is the liquid foundation and make sure to use a cream concealer

NOTE:  that powder foundation makes your makeup on dry skin look patchy and unprofessional and also make your face more dried. Powder foundation is great for people with oily skin, because it helps to absorb excess oil and moisture on the skin.

During application of foundation, always use a foundation brush to blend the foundation on your face and to minimize flaking. Apply a small amount of liquid foundation on your face and then use the foundation brush to blend it until it blends together with your skin.

When applying the foundation on your face, do not press the brush too hard on your face. Instead, use a soft series of repetitive taps that blends in and spreads the foundation to the area you are working on.

When you are about to apply your concealer, use the same method you used when you were applying the foundation. Mind you, the concealer most be liquid or cream concealer.

      4. Use a setting spray

makeup on dry skin
Setting Spray

A setting spray is a kind of spray that helps to add moisturizing effect on the face by absorbing it into your skin. Since you are applying makeup for dry skin, you should not use setting powder. Some ladies use setting powder which is wrong because powder on dry skin doesn’t absorb well rather it flake.

      5. Makeup your Eyes

When it comes to your eye makeup on dry skin, the makeup won’t be stressful now because the primer you applied earlier has made it easy for your eye shadow to blend with your skin. If by chance you notice your eyelids are dry, you can use the liquid eye liner to make to glide more smoothly.


If you notice that your eyelids are still dry, apply liquid liner as opposed to pencil liner.

For those of you ladies that use blush, make sure you use liquid blush. So that your cheeks and cheekbone that are partially dry can be blended. Liquid blush last longer and has more resistance when it comes to heat or sunny season.

      6. Lipstick

Makeup on dry skin isn’t really that easy if you don’t know how it works most especially on your lips. Before you apply your lipstick, make sure you apply a little of chap stick so that your lips will MOISTURIZED, glow, last long and also over power any drying effect that may be inside the lipstick without any sign of dryness.


NOTE: For of you that are familiar with highlighter, you can actually use it. It will not make your skin dry but give it a refreshing look and feel.

NOTE: From time to time, always check your makeup to see if there is any part or areas that is having any dry patches, if there is all you need to do is apply a dot of moisturizer to the dry areas to give it more moisture and nourishment. Do not apply too much moisturizer and be careful on how you apply it so that you won’t remove the foundation and concealer you have taken your time to apply.

I hope this 6 tips on how to apply makeup on dry skin was worth reading. Please do share your comments and suggestions AND ALSO SHARE WITH OTHERS



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