5 Lip Biting Tips to Seduce a Man you probably don’t know

Lip biting is one way you can actually use to seduce a man or let a man know that you are into him and interested in him, this is a flirting skill that not everybody can do but it is very effective way. You will have to agree with me that been seductive comes natural for some girls while some other girls learn it and they end up becoming perfect in it.

Learning how to seduce a man or your man through lip biting is essential for every girl or woman. It makes a man see you as the hottest and the most seductive and beautiful lady on earth, it drives the man crazy and make him unstable and uncomfortable.

Truth be told I don’t easily get seduced but I was indeed seduced through lip biting and that girl did it in a way that I couldn’t imagine. I was carried away to the extend she made me forgot that I had a girlfriend. Mind you this tips cab also be done to your own man or your husband when you need him or what him to do something for you… Am sure the females know what I am talking about.

Wait a minute what am I doing! I am wasting time on telling you the tips you can use to seduce a man through lip biting but before we go into that, let us know this important advantage on how to prepare your lips/mouth which will really go a long way for you while seducing a man through lip biting. Am sure you don’t want to seduce a man through lip biting and end up chasing him away the moment he comes close to you just because you couldn’t keep your mouth clean and refreshed.

In this post, do take note of all the highlighted words and words that are colored for it is of importance.

How to prepare your mouth before Lip Biting

lip biting


  • Brush your teeth: It is necessary for you to brush your teeth and keep your mouth clean. Keeping your teeth clean is a healthy way of living. Don’t forget lip biting goes hand in hand with the neatness of your mouth. Do this before you put on lipstick or lip gloss. Even If at that moment you don’t have time to brush, at least try to use a mouth wash or possibly chew a mint gum so as to keep the mouth refreshed. Your breath should be fresh and clean.
  • Make your lips tender using sugar: Yes! Sugar… a lot of ladies don’t know about this. Sugar can exfoliate your lips and make it tender and ready for lip biting. All you need to do is wet your lips a bit with water then apply the sugar. Rub the sugar gently on your wet lips until the sugar has dissolved.
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NOTE: Applying of sugar also helps in removing the dead cells on your lips and any crack on the lip there by making the lips succulent and smooth. Always use a lip balm to avoid the lips from getting dried and leading it to crack.

NOTE: Use a lip balm that is made with less of chemicals. Go for lip a balm that has these ingredients in them: beeswax, shea butter, olive oil and cocoa butter. Not every lip balm works on all lips, so find a lip balm that works best for your lips. Do not use a flavored lip balm when flirting or trying to seduce a man. This is because not all men might like the particular scent you used. Apart from lip biting, you can use this method at anytime by applying it twice or thrice a week to have best results.


Apply a nonstick and long lasting lipstick: Yes! You have to use a long lasting lipstick so that your tongue will not lick off the lipstick immediately and also your teeth will not get stained.

What color of lipstick should you use? Well the answer to that is very easy and simple, use Red or Pink lipstick.

 Reasons why you should use Red or Pink lipstick:

  • The reason is that such color of lipsticks makes your teeth look whiter and also makes your lips more noticeable and attractive.
  • Applying a red or pink color lipstick attracts a man’s attention to your lips which is a factor to be considered when lip biting. A man can stare at your lips for a while because of those colors of lipsticks.

How do I know this? I know this because I am a man and lot of men I have know and interacted with has attest to it.


Do not take the lip biting seduction too serious while doing it because you might end up ruining and spoiling your effort. Have fun while flirting.

Let it come to you… Don’t try too hard to pretend to be someone you’re not when you’re flirting through lip biting.

Here is the part you have been waiting for (Lip Biting)

Tips on how to attract and seduce a man using lip biting

  1. Deep Look: Deep look means looking at the man straight into his face and eyes, letting the man know that into him. Make direct eye contact with him by moving your eyes to towards his own eyes. After getting his attention with your eyes, deep look for like 3 seconds then look away. LOL… After doing that, repeat it a few times so the man will know you’re intentionally looking at him.
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When making a deep look towards the man, make it with a deep slight smile. Observe his response for the first time that you did it. If he responded and gazed back at you it means he is interested so go ahead with the flirting but if he doesn’t it means he is not interested in you. Have it in mind that the first time you tried might not work so you can try for the second time but don’t try for the third time so you won’t make the man feel disgusted and leave your sight immediately.


      2. Eyelash Movement (Batting): This is very important and necessary while trying to seduce a man or flirt with a man through lip biting method. Immediately after you have established deep eye contact, glance at the man you are flirting with using your eyelashes that is blinking your eyes rapidly.

This particular method is essential for all ladies, though not every girl can do that but it is necessary to learn it; for it is a quite way of showing your desire to that person. Blinking of the eyes is also called “batting” the eyes. Some girls naturally has rapid eye blinking which is an advantage and added way to flirt. You may want to lower your face (chin) and look up at the person with your eyes to strike a seductive pose. The downward tilt of the chin is said to make women look more “feminine” and flirtatious.

NOTE: If you know you cannot blink you eyes, its better you don’t do it. So it won’t look as if you have something in your eyes.

lip biting


     3. Lip Opening (Pouting): This is where the action of lip biting begins. The first thing you need to do to entice and attract the man is to slightly open your mouth seductively with your teeth barely showing. With the hot red or pink lipstick you are wearing, you will so get to him and he won’t be able to resist but give in.

Men do not stare up flirtation women do, what men are most likely to do is to respond to the feeling of flirtation that has already been initiated by the woman.

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NOTE: Let me hint you into a secret about a men, this is a bonus tip from DUA. Every man that looks a lady or a woman, the first thing he tend to look is the face (LIPS) even if she isn’t beautiful but her lips are attractive, the man will be moved.

In other words, that the first thing a man look at when he set his eyes on a woman is to look at her lips before moving onto other part of her body. So females please and please beautiful or not always keep your lips attractive.

Remember to maintain eye contact while lip pouting.

lip biting

Lip biting


     4. Lip Biting: This is crucial when trying to seduce or flirt with a man through lip biting. Bring your lower lip in very slightly; bite tenderly on 1 side of the inner lip letting the lip biting last for about 3-5 seconds before slowly releasing your lip. I know it’s not easy but try to make sure that your teeth don’t bite your outer lip, for it not to look as if you are insecure or nervous. Have it in mind that a seductive lip biting should be gentle, tender, and never hurtful. It should not leave a mark.

Remember to maintain eye contact while lip biting. Because with eye contact, there is no way that a man can misunderstand your lip biting.

lip biting

     5. Lower lip Licking: This is the final stage and the method that will sum up all your flirtation. After you are done with the lip biting, round it up with a slight lower lips lick with your tongue. As the saying goes ‘The tongue has power’ and work in different ways. Your tongue is a sexual body part, using your tongue will make your flirtatious overture more seductive.

NOTE: Do not over lick your lips with your tongue so as to maintain your hot lipstick and also to avoid chapped lips. Continue to make seductive deep eye contact throughout your flirtation encounter because eye contact is what keeps the flirtation mood going.

Well I will stop here for now… if there is any suggestions you can add, please do drop it below the comment box. I will be happy to hear from you.



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    Nice write up dual… But I don’t get seduced easily… For those men that easily get seduced, I pity them

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    this is show casing of lips na

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