11 easy ways to get backlinks to your blog or site

A lot of people create a site or blog without knowing how to get organic backlinks traffic to their site or blog. Organic traffic is the most crucial, most difficult and also the best traffic you can ever have to enable you get good page ranking by search engines.

A very good and effective way to get organic traffic is by having an (SEO optimized articles) and having a good friendly SEO. But those are not enough; yes it is true the above mentioned generate organic traffic but backlinks can boost your organic traffic more than you can ever imagine.

Backlinks are also organic traffic. So you would want to see how to get backlinks to your blogs. Also have in mind that backlinks works hand in hand with your SEO because in SEO, there are On site SEO and Off site SEO. Backlinks falls under Off site SEO

Backlinks boost your site or blog traffic tremendously fast and make your site popular amongst people there by increasing your page rank on google.

But be careful not to be penalized and blacklisted by google because not all backlinks are genuine and of good quality. Some backlinks can cause harm to your site or even make google remove you from their search engine. So be careful.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from other site or blogs that refer to your site or blog due to the fact that you have great content or may be the post or article you posted on that site are meaningful there by referring people to your site with your link.

You don’t just get backlinks just like that; you have to earn it. Another thing you should take note of is that getting backlinks is not easy. Don’t feel bad if you try or ask and you get rejected, don’t give up keep trying.

In 2012, (Google Launched Penguin Update) which sole purpose is to get rid of sites that spam or pay for building links. So watch carefully not to harm your site.

Best ways to get organic backlinks traffic

  1. Use of broken links Method: Broken links method is cool, you might be surprised but it works well. One thing you have to know is that change is constant.

Most of all this huge company websites or huge blogs do change their URL due to one reason or the other, so when this happens; they tend to miss some pages or post.

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In this case all you have to do is to locate those broken links and write to them through an email formally informing them about the broken link and instead of leaving it like that; you decide to replace it with a good content of yours that is similar to the link broken.

You will surely get a reply from them and when you do, all you need to do is give a good and quality review of their site and give them the broken together with the link you want to use in replacing it and that link you are giving them for replacement would be yours.

That’s all, after that watch and see the amount of good quality backlinks you will receive.

  1. Blog Directories: When submitting your link to blog directories, make sure the content in your blog are good and meaningful. These are list of some blog directories. AllTop, Ontoplist, Technorali.
  1. Links to Your Content: This is a very good strategy of getting links. How this work is by; Image Attribute: A lot of blogs have their own original image which they use on their blog which is very good. All you need to do is upload your image URL to Google.
  1. Guest Posting: This is a very effective method of getting backlinks to your site. In a nut shell, guest posting is the act of posting quality and meaningful content to a top ranked blog or site.

With guest posting, you can get good quality backlinks from site you post on. Guest posting isn’t easy most especially when you apply and you are been rejected or not answered. But you don’t have to give up because you were turned down.

As a blogger, you need to learn how to not give up on challenges that will come your way because surely challenges will come. Keep applying until you get looking. There are a whole lot of blogs you can guest post on.

  1. Post Commenting: This also another strategy of getting backlinks to your blog or site. Try locating a high traffic site or blog and post comment.

When doing this, don’t just go into a site and start throwing your link NO! You have to relate with the topic, contribute very well before dropping your link, so you will not be listed as spam.

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Please do make sure you go to a blog or site that has the same NICHE with you so you can easily drop a related post link that you are discussing on from your site in the comment. Do this and see how your organic backlinks traffic will jump

  1. Email Outreach: This is one method that has attracted a lot of organic backlinks traffic to so many blogs by converting one time visitors to real time audience and customers. The importance if email Outreach is massive.

Most times, visitors visit your site and once they are done, they leave and never return but with the email outreach popup on their screen, you tend to capture all those visitors by email.

So whenever you make a post related to that post or article they read, they immediately get notified by email.

Once it gets to them they have the option of reading it or not but the aim is for them to get interested and read. That is where the importance of a good title and description comes in handy.

  1. Niche Forums: Forums are good places to generate organic backlink traffic because of it huge amount of users. So once you locate a good forum, sign up and check if they allow signatures or not.

If they do; then place your link there as your signature. If there is an option for “join them” then you do. Write unique and quality topics and contribute a bit often before attaching your signature. Another thing you should have in mind is to link your blog as your forum signature.

  1. Wikipedia or Quora or Yahoo Answer: These three sites are good and have great value when building quality and free backlinks. It is necessary to provide and give quality services to their reader community so as to get good reputation.
  1. Social Medias: This is another way of putting your links in each social media that you have. Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and linkedIn are perfect places in the social media sector that you can use to drop your links.

As far as you don’t make it spammy to the site as a result of adding your links to so many places in a particular media.

  1. Meaningful Content: As they say CONTENT is KING, you have to make sure that each article you post, share, and comment on is unique and meaningful.
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This is an old fashion style that still works till tomorrow, meaningful and genuine content helps in search engine ranking and it also gives you a natural organic backlinks to your site.

But if your content is poor then Google will not rank you well and if visitors do pay a visit and see that your content is poor, they tend to leave immediately and you know what that means when a visitor hits the back button of the browser.

  1. Build Relationships with Top Bloggers: You might think how is this going to work or how is it going to help you get backlinks to your site; but it will.

Building a relationship with a top good blogger or area of your niche is to your advantage and it is easy. All you need to do is follow the person you have in mind on his or her social network.

Comment on some of his post on his site or social media make him realize you in a nice and friendly way. Then always thank and show appreciation on how his or her post helped you; when showing appreciation, you might consider doing that through the email.

Yes through the email because that’s where you will briefly tell him what you did and how his article helped you. So once you do that, that relationship has been built.

And from time to time, he will use you as an example on his post and include your link in his post. Not just that, from there you gradually make a comment posting with your link.

But Note that you have to create that relationship first before proceeding.

NOTE: All the methods mentioned above on how to get backlinks falls back to MEANING CONTENT


With these strategies of getting backlinks you will experience pure organic traffic and Google page ranking.

Was this article helpful or is there any method or way that I didn’t mention, I really would love to know your own ‘’Awesome’’ strategy.

Please be kind enough to let me know via the comment box below and also SHARE it. ‘’Knowledge is Power’’ and I also want to learn new things.



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