1, 2, 3 Guides To Follow On How To Apply For Google AdSense

1, 2, 3 Guides To Follow On How To Apply For Google AdSense

This blog post is going to show us a 1, 2, 3, guide on how to apply for a Google AdSense. It is easy and fast.

Google AdSense is what almost every site owner or blog owner would love to have if the site or blog is meant for commercial and if it’s not for generating revenue then you don’t need to bother but I think everybody needs an extra revenue.

You need to know what Google AdSense means and what it stands for.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense are automated programs like text, images, videos or interactive media which permits a blog owner or site owner to place targeted advert relating to his or her site content.

This AdSense program is run by Google and it is the best adsense you can ever have and the highest paid among all ADS programs.

Getting a Google AdSense is very easy only if you follow the right way and process and also obey the Google AdSense policy

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Here are the basic guides you will need to take when applying for a Google Adsense Account.

  1. Visit the Google AdSense signup page, just as shown in the image below.

Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense


You will be presented with an option of signing into your Google account and if by chance you don’t have a Google account, there is an option for you to create one.

  1. The next step is to click on the “Sign in” button which will take you to the page where you will be signed into your gmail account. Once it’s done, you will be shown that you are through with the first stage that is why the first page will be marked green.

Google AdSense

Fill in your primary website URL in “My website”.

Let it be like this www.yourdomainname.com and select the content language you prefer then click on “Save and Continue”

  1. The third and the last step in applying for the Google Adsense is for you to fill in your contact form which is the very important aspect. Please try not to make mistakes when you are filling the form.
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Google AdSense

  • Select your country name or territory. E.g. Nigeria
  • Select your time zone, make sure the time zone matches the the country that you selected above. E.g. select Nigeria standard time
  • Please make sure you select “individual” not business to avoid tax issues.
  • In the Payee Name, you have to make sure that the name you provide matches 100% with the bank details you are going to give them later wards because payments checks or EFT will be sent to you through that same name. so be careful.
  • Writing an address is optional but I recommend you write down your address to avoid any problems, possibly same as your site address.
  • Put down the name of the city or town in which you are in that country. E.g. Lagos
  • Pick the state you are in; in that same country. E.g. Lagos
  • Please do insert the correct code of the state you selected above, e.g. Lagos postal code is 1000001. If you don’t know your state codes then you don’t need to worry.
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All you need to do is go to Google and type the state postal code, in this case, you Google “Lagos postal code”.

Google AdSense

  1. Check mark or Tick the three empty box of the Google AdSense policy. Just as showed below in the image.

NOTE that once the form is been submitted, some changes can’t be made. A change of payee name is difficult to make depending on the country you are in.

Here are list of countries that the payee name can’t be changed once it is sent. It is necessary you check if your country is among or not.

That’s it you are done. So easy!

Please drop your comment via the comment box if you have questions, comments, or anything at all. I really would love to hear from you.




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